Gin Sprint 3

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Gin Sprint3

I only had a quick little soaring session with the spanking new Sprint3 from Gin gliders.  I was thrown in my hands at takeoff, click in pull up, a few steps in under the glider and it stands perfectly still above my head. It feels very stable and intuitive at launch. Confidence booster! I turn around and the off the brakes just a little and the Sprint pulls me into the lifting air. Yep, no extra thoughts needed, this glider wants U to fly!
It glides…
After a few minutes of cruising i decide to play a little. It needs abit of a heavy hand to get up on edge but it will play! Control is good, the Sprint3 has direct stearing but soft turns. No funny dives or twitchys even at my hardest pulls.
I think this glider will thermal like a beast ?
I then gain a bit of altitude(15 meters) and pull full bar. It’s not hard work, the Sprint speeds up but stays very comfortingly solid. I use the rear risers for feeling and there is no movement. The Sprint does not mind full bar! I’d be happy to push pully to pully in evil conditions with this glider…
Confidence booster!
Only soaring and throwing it around wont tell the whole story, get out and try it Yourself. It’s a perfomant confidence booster for alot of different category of pilots.
Remember speed and performance is far from everything. Having fun is ?
I now have some hours on both medium and large.
Lovely fun, safe and performant lightweight glider for a lot of pilots ?



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